Balabhaskar - the name is all enough to electrify those who are in love with instrumental music. He is a celebrated violinist, South Indian by origin, who created revolution in a South Indian's concept of instrumental fusion. Deeply rooted in Carnatic classical music and trained since his tender age of three by his guru and uncle, the veteran musician Mr. B. Sasikumar, Balabhaskar set out to contribute his innovations to the field of music. As a kickoff, it was an igniting passion for this child prodigy to master every new piece his uncle played. The journey has made him today one among the most sought after musician in Kerala. Truly named Balabhaskar- the outset stage of the sun- he passes a new spirit to the audience as every dawn does to us, whenever he magically strokes the strings of his violin. He remarkably continues his exciting musical journey, still leaving his audience spellbound and stamping the memories of his enthralling performances.

Personal Life

Born on 10th July 1978 to Mr. C. K. Unni and Mrs. Shanthakumari as a native of Thiruvananthapuram, Balabhaskar Chandran was brought up in a family rich with a musical culture. His mother, who is a retired Sanskrit Professor at Trivandrum Music College, adapted his name from his grandfather, late Mr. Bhaskara Panicker, who was a great Nadaswara Vidwan. Though he hadn't seen his grandfather, Balabhaskar often remembers that he used to see his grandfather watching him play the violin. The first influence, hence was Mr. Bhaskara Panicker himself. His music was nurtured by his own uncle Mr. B. Sasikumar who is also a marked name in instrumental music. Musically trained from age three, Balabhaskar was too much into music to accept anything else for a career. His parents stood by their son's passion and gave him wings to fly free to realize his dreams. Balabhaskar completed his post- graduation in Sanskrit from University College, Thiruvananthapuram to gain more understanding about the Carnatic Classical lyrics. Being not so bad in anything that he himself picks out, Balabhaskar finished off his Sanskrit studies becoming the second rank holder in the same. He presently resides in Thiruvananthapuram with his spouse, Mrs. Lekshmi Balabhaskar.

The musical journey

The debut public appearance of Balabhaskar with his violin was at his age of twelve. Though he is from an orthodox classical background, he always showed interest in all possibilities of music. Balabhaskar as a great enthusiast used to go through every music record that comes to him and started building something from that basement. In his campus period too, he showed his talent in composing music, which became professional when he became the youngest music director in Malayalam. That was at his age of seventeen and the film was Mangalya Pallakk, the audio of which was marketed by Magna Sound, giving him a good start. Balabhaskar is still hugged to heart for his soulful romantic compositions for two albums of East Coast named Ninakkai and Adyamayi and later with another album for Manorama Music named 'Heart Beats'. As a music composer he had a dreamful time with Dr. K. J. Yesudas, Hairharan, Suresh Wadkar, K. S. Chitra, Sujatha, Sreenivas, Karthik and handfuls more of legendary singers singing to his notes. Balabhaskar's brilliance on stage helped him in presenting musical bonanza in various parts of the world, east to west. He had also created a band named 'Confusion'- concentrated on fusion, which was followed by 'The Big Indian Band'. Presently his band is Balaleela which is only a few months old, yet marking its presence in and out of the country. Balabhaskar along with keyboard player Stephen Devassy and drummer Sivamani has been an ever favourite trio for the lovers of instrumental music worldwide. His performances with Padmasree Mattannoor Sankarankutty too invited the attention of music lovers. The Bala touch of connecting with the audience and getting them move to his tunes has marked his presence well at stage shows and classical concerts across countries.

Here's Bala's Gear List:

  1. Yamaha EV 205
  2. Tedbrewer Viva
  3. NS design
  4. Bridge violin
  5. Realist acoustic-electric violin
  6. Cantini V-Jazz
  7. Cantini Sonic
  8. Tulsi custom made violin *3 - Powered by: TC ELECTRONIC G SYSTEM